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Black Tea

The high caffeine content in black tea makes it a refreshing pick-me-up. Black teas are also rich in antioxidants, making it a healthy and reviving choice.

Green Tea

Used in traditional medicine for centuries, the higher antioxidant content in green tea is considered to be a healthy alternative.

White Tea

Considered by some connoisseurs to be the height of gourmet tea, white tea comes from the bud of the tea plant and is sweeter and lighter than green tea. It contains the highest levels of antioxidents and fluoride.


With every leaf handpicked (in the world-famous two leaf and a bud tradition), Malwatte Valley teas live up to the exclusive standards of Ceylon Tea. But we don’t stop there. Grown in Sri Lanka’s Uva highlands – known for their distinct “Uva Seasonal Flavour”- our state of the art fully automated modern tea factories located in the world renowned ‘”Malwatte Valley”region, enable us to develop customised variants of brews on request; our mandarin-infused tea is one such speciality.

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