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Grower, manufacturer and exporter of tea, rubber and spices in Sri Lanka, Malwatte Valley Plantations is an award-winning plantation company and a leader in its industry. Since our inception in 1992, we are focused on meeting evolving consumer interests across the globe, and on delivering sustainable growth.

Our company owns and operates a myriad of estates in Sri Lanka, which provides us with the capacity to produce a wide range of tea, rubber and spices.


Discover our line of tea ranging from Pure Ceylon Black to fruit and herbal infusions all which are sourced from areas of inimitable climatic conditions and nurtured by the fertile soil of Sri Lanka.


Explore our range of spices that play the role of essential ingredients in many a gastronomic adventure of foodies and culinary savants around the world.


Catering to both the domestic and international market the rubber production of Malwatte Valley ensures the delivery of high quality and customer satisfaction all produced in natural rubber processing plants.

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