rubber cultivation in sri lanka

Types of Rubber

Ribbed Smoked Sheets​

In Sri Lanka, Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) is made mainly by small scale and medium scale producers and there are only a few estates that manufacture more than 1000kg per day. RSS manufacturing process which converts field natural rubber latex into dried rubber sheets consists of a few simple steps. Wet sheets are finally dried using a draft of hot smoke.

Latex Crepe Rubber

Latex crepe is the purest form of natural rubber available in the market and Sri Lanka is the world's leading producer of latex crepe rubber for the export market. Sri Lankan crepe has a high level of cleanliness unsurpassed by any other grade of natural rubber. It is manufactured in the plantations under clean, hygienic and carefully controlled conditions.

Centrifuged Latex

Centrifuged latex commonly used in Sri Lanka is single centrifuged, but double or multiple centrifuged latex could also be manufactured on customer requests. The common preservative for centrifuged concentrated latex is ammonia and depending upon the ammonia content the lattices can be high ammonia (HA) or low ammonia (LW).


Located in Sri Lanka’s warmer Sabaragamuwa province are Malwatte Valley’s rubber cultivations; half of which produce organic rubber. Processed at our own organic and inorganic factories in the vicinity, the rubber is then made available for industrial use in crepe, latex, block and sheet rubber forms.

Malwatte Valley’s production efficiency helps ensure the lowest production cost for rubber in the country – a benefit passed on to clients locally and overseas.